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Faster Connecting: Default User IDs

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Faster Connecting: Default User IDs


With RDi V7.5 come some changes to the default user ID for connection types. In previous releases when you would connect to IBM i, Linux, etc. the user ID field would be empty. Now the user ID field is pre-filled with your Windows login ID.

If your Windows login ID matches your connection login ID then this is good news and will make logging in quicker. However for those that don't have them matching, like myself, you can manually change the default user ID. Since for IBM i connection types I have the same login ID for all my machines, I changed the preference setting to be my user ID for IBM i connections from my Windows login. However for Linux connections, my ID is different on each machine, so I set the default user ID for Linux to be empty. If I had Windows or Unix connections I could easily set the default for those as well.

To change your default user ID for IBM i follow these steps:

1. Go to Windows -> Preferences.
2. Select Remote Systems.
3. Select the cell for row IBM i and column Default User ID.
4. Enter the new Default User ID you desire.
5. Click OK.

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