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Announcing Rational Developer for Power Systems Software V8.0.3

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Announcing Rational Developer for Power Systems Software V8.0.3


Rational® Developer for Power Systems Software™ offers integrated development environments for the major development workloads on IBM® i, AIX®, and Linux™, including RPG, COBOL, DDS, CL, C/C++, Java™ on IBM i, Java, C/C++ on Linux, C/C++, COBOL, and Java on AIX. Version 8.0.3 enhancements include:

  • Support for GNU C/C++ compiler, including a parser, compile result integration and the ability to debug applications compiled using the GNU compiler
  • A new migration and porting assistance framework, and an initial set of rules for COBOL applications to AIX (with intent to deliver additional rule sets over time)
  • Improved support for disconnected development and synchronization of changes to AIX and Linux on Power® systems
  • A new editor for COBOL on AIX providing live syntax checking, customizable tabbing, range indicator for current paragraph and quick fix options for certain syntax annotations
  • Increased productivity for larger AIX and Linux on Power C/C++ development teams, by virtue of new shared application indices
  • Secure connections to IBM i development platforms
  • Usability improvements to the Screen Designer, Report Designer and Remote Systems LPEX (Live Parsing Extensible Editor) functions
  • A new fixed-term licensing option

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