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Announcing RDi SOA v8.0.3 including the latest HATS toolkit

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Announcing RDi SOA v8.0.3 including the latest HATS toolkit


IBM Rational® Developer for i for SOA Construction V8.0.3 is a comprehensive application development and modernization solution. It is based on Eclipse. It provides a

powerful, flexible, and extensible workbench environment for IBM i development with support for RPG, COBOL, CL, DDS, SQL, C++, Java, and EGL (an open source business application language developed on Eclipse).
IBM Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction V8.0.3 helps you:
  • Reduce development costs
  • Simplify the development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications
  • Modernize and integrate existing systems
  • Reuse, integrate and extend valuable existing IT assets (such as RPG and COBOL programs andservice programs) using wizards that generate web services interfaces to the existing programs
The products included in this offering are:
  • IBM Rational Business Developer
  • IBM Rational Developer for Power® Systems Software– RPG and COBOL Development Tools for i
  • IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) Toolkit
The combination of these tools enables developers to create web applications and web services that leverage existing IBM i applications, all with a programming language (EGL) and web services wizards that are easy for RPG and COBOL developers to learn, and quickly transform your text-based terminal applications to intuitive web, portlet, rich client or mobile device UIs.

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