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What's new with RD Power 8.0.3

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What's new with RD Power 8.0.3


Read Dave Dykstals latest article about RD Power v8.0.3.  Although this is a service release, it contains some significant new functions. Check out the improvements described in the IBM i enhancements section, which are a direct result of many Requests for Enhancement (RFEs) of the IBM® i operating system support in Rational Developer for Power. Then read up about common AIX and Linux support, including reconciler updates and launch configuration updates.  Next, see COBOL on AIX features that include a new COBOL editor, a new structured COBOL comparison editor, and the new COBOL code analysis feature.  You can find additional support for C/C++ on Linux and AIX, which includes remote GNU C Tool chain, XL C v11 compiler options, offline indexing, associate or remove local location wizards, and offline support.  Click here to read more.

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