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Some Links for Keeping Up with RD Power

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Some Links for Keeping Up with RD Power


I’ve compiled a short list of sources to help folks get started with RD Power. If you know of any references that can be added to this list, let me know and I’ll update this entry to include them.


8.5.1 announce and content

Eric Simpson has written another blog entry on the availability of 8.5.1

I hope to have an article with some details of the 8.5.1 features available soon - improvements made to compare and to RPG Live!

8.5 announce and content

IBM Announcement Letter

I have finally published an article with some details of the 8.5 features. announce and content

Eric Simpson on the RD Power team has written a blog entry on the availability of

I’ve written a short support article on using the new ASP Support in RD Power.

8.0.3 announce and content

Here is an article I’ve written on What’s New in Rational Developer for Power 8.0.3. The article describes, in some detail, all of the new features in the 8.0.3 release for all server types - IBM i, AIX, and IBM Linux.

The product page for RD Power provides a brief description of its capabilities and links for download and support.


Learning to use RD Power for IBM i Development

The welcome page in RD Power provides many links to resources to learn the various functions of the product. You see the welcome page any time you start up RD Power on a new workspace. If, like me, you close it before you’ve read it you bring it up again by clicking Help > Welcome.

The developerWorks Enterprise Modernization Sandbox for Power Systems has all of the tutorials we use for the open labs we present at COMMON. The sandbox can provide you with a virtual machine client that has RD Power preinstalled and an IBM i server account to practice on. Feel free to visit often.

We’re developing video content for both YouTube and the IBM Education Assistant. Content will likely appear on YouTube first.

The YouTube Rational Channel contains content for all of Rational. Unfortunately, there can be an autoplay video on that URL so you may want to turn your sound down before clicking on that link.

On that channel are several playlists including one for IBM i development. All of our IBM i YouTube videos will be placed there.

The IBM Education Assistant (IEA) has a page for RD Power. Some of the videos posted will be the same as those on YouTube. I like the organization of the IEA a little better but it does take us a bit longer to get video content there since it must be captioned. Content on IEA is not limited to videos. It is possible that we’ll post in other formats when it makes sense.

Learning to use RD Power for AIX and Linux Development

The YouTube Rational Channel and IBM Education Assistant pages referenced above also contains content for AIX and Linux server development.

From the YouTube Rational Channel you can get to playlists specific to AIX COBOL and AIX/Linux C/C++ development.

Installation and Configuration

Both the YouTube Rational Channel and the IBM Education Assistant have videos on how to install and configure RD Power. In the case of AIX and Linux some server configuration is required.


The YouTube Rational Channel also contains a playlist for “Advanced Uses”. Don’t be frightened by the title. Most of the videos there relate to some pretty cool debugging features and several provide nice introductions to general RD Power function.


Requests for Enhancement (RFEs)

The RD Power team encourage customers to write Requests for Enhancement. These should be submitted through the Rational RFE system on developerWorks. You’ll need to have an IBM ID to submit an RFE or to vote on one, but anyone can look at the list of RFEs pertaining to RD Power by using this query.

developerWorks pages for RD Power

We have several pages dedicated to RD Power on the developerWorks site. Here are some of them.

The RD Power home page in developerWorks is a good jumping off spot for much of the other content.

You can download the latest version of RD Power here.

There are a number of Rational “cafés” and “hubs” on developerWorks. These are basically the same thing but cafés are language-oriented whereas hubs are tool-oriented. The difference is purely historical. RD Power has the Rational Developer for Power hub and RPG has the RPG café. COBOL, C/C++, and EGL also have areas dedicated to them. These communities can be quite active and contain a lot of new content. Check them often or, even better, subscribe to the community blogs.

While not directly related to RD Power, developerWorks is also home to an IBM i page containing topics relating to development on IBM i.

Other References

The RSE Book by Don Yantzi and Nazmin Haji from MC Press is a bit dated but still contains much useful information on the basic of RD Power.

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