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New Beta program for RDi code coverage users!

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New Beta program for RDi code coverage users!


A Beta is now available for an experimental technology optimizing test coverage and utilization that is provided in the form of IBM Installation Manager offering that can be installed into existing instances of IBM Rational Developer for i V9.1.1 or IBM Rational Developer for AIX and Linux V9.1.1. 

This is an enhanced code coverage experience which allows your testers and developers to understand your automated or manual test coverage.  You will gain insight into what source files are covered and what tests need to be run when changes are made to source or where coverage is missing so that new tests can be added.  This can help you optimize your testing reducing the time needed for continuous integration.

Here is the link to the Beta site where you will find information and resources that you need to experience the Beta (e.g. download info).  The Beta is included as a part of the RAD Beta program, so make sure to download the Installation Manager package and documentation for Compiled Languages for use with RDi and RDAL.  Also see these installation instructions.

If you are new to code coverage, check out this article to get started: Article on Code Coverage.  There are also tutorials specific to the new technology included in the Beta downloads!

Please be sure to use the beta forum to report any issues, and feedback!  I look forward to seeing your questions and feedback soon.

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