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Detailed explanation of Test Optimizing Advisor functionality

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Detailed explanation of Test Optimizing Advisor functionality


The following tutorial will show the functionality of the Test Optimizing Advisor for users of Rational Developer for i.

See the promise of analytics applied to your code coverage data being used to optimizing the time you spend testing, and the quality of that testing.

If you want to try it out, this is a free beta that is available to anyone who has Rational Developer for i v 9.1.1 or

You can get it from

After going to the site above, you will have to sign in with your IBM ID and then agree to terms.  You will then have a long list of things you can download.  Most of them apply to Rational Application Developer, so the only relevant piece is

"Installation Manager package and documentation for experimental Testing Optimization Advisor technology for Compiled Languages for use with RDz/RDi/RDAL"


Check that off and download it. It is only 2Mb.   The .zip that you download should be extracted to a directory of your choice.  Then open the IBM Installation Manager (which you already have, since you installed RDi) and add the directory you just extracted to, to the list of repositories using the menu File->Preferences and the Repositories tab.


Enjoy, and please give feedback on this forum.


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