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Announcement of Version 9.6 of Rational Developer for i - UPDATED!

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Announcement of Version 9.6 of Rational Developer for i - UPDATED!


RDi 9.6 has been announced and will be available November 16 in Passport Advantage and November 21 in AAS.



  • Rational Developer for i, V9.6 is now compatible with Eclipse 4.6, providing new base functionality and better integration with other modern application development tools.
  • Error reporting is enhanced to use annotations that highlight the columns within the line that have caused compile errors. This location information is maintained even as lines are added and deleted from the source. As the cursor hovers over an error, the message appears along with a link to second-level help.
  • Hovering over variables now shows the containing data structure or external file and record and also any other contributors to the definition of this field and enable you to hyperlink to them.
  • The hovers are enhanced to show the associated documentation for the given RPG declaration, encouraging better comments as they are even more useful with greater visibility. Any unused declarations can now optionally be flagged within the source.
  • Pressing the enter key within free-form RPG now intelligently splits the line and repositions the cursor.
  • The building of i projects can now be invoked with a convenient shortcut. You can conveniently set the IBM i connection and library for all the selected i projects in one action.
  • Rational Developer for i, V9.6 ships with the current version of Access Client Solutions and the Java™ Toolbox.
  • RPG and COBOL + Modernization Tools, Java Edition now supports IBM WebSphere® Application Server, V9.

For full details:


It is a new release so you will need to install it (you can not 'update' to it).  There are new license activation kits.


Note: IBM Installation Manager 1.8.7 or higher is required.



In the IBM i TR announcements for 7.3 and 7.2, there is a related item:

Code coverage: Initially delivered only in the Rational Developer for i desktop tools, the code coverage engine is now being delivered as part of the Rational Development Studio, callable only from the command line. This new support allows code coverage to be a part of the build process in order to get solid measurement of the effectiveness of tests being executed.  RDi is required only to view the results.


For details:

IBM i 7.2 TR7:

IBM i 7.3 TR3:

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