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Rational Developer for i V9.6 is available!

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Rational Developer for i V9.6 is available!


Rational Developer for i V9.6 is now available as a trial and in Passport Advantage!  For ESS/AAS, RDi V9.6 will be available Nov. 21.  (Note: it might take some time for all parts to appear in the sites today.)


It requires a new install and there are new activation kits for the license.  The minimum IBM Installation Manager level is 1.8.7.


RDi product page:

RDi Fix List:

Knowledge center:




For Passport users, you can download the activation kit from Passport.  You can also go to the Rational License Key center to download the activation kit.

A 60-day trial is available.  The trial download pages will be updated shortly to show the 9.6 downloads.

developerWorks trial download page for RDi is available at:

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