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MIH Workbench Developer Machine Requirements

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MIH Workbench Developer Machine Requirements


Requirements for Developer Machine


Developers working with the MIH Workbench require a large software stack. This requirement can

have resource implications for the hardware used by the development team. It is recommended that

each developer's machine meet the following specifications:

Operating System:

One of the following;

·         Windows 7

·         Windows XP



  • IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.7
  • IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition v9.5 Fix Pack 4
  • IBM DB2 client v9.1, v9.5, or v9.7
  • IBM DB2 Connect Application Edition v9.1, v9.5 or v9.7


  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release 2
  • Oracle 11 client and sqlldr utility – this is included with Oracle 11g Database
  • Oracle 11 JDBC driver

Development Tool:

One of the following;

·         IBM Rational Software Architect v7.5.4

·         IBM Rational Application Developer v7

·         InfoSphere Master Information Hub (MIH) Workbench plugin

·         InfoSphere Master Information Hub distribution file MIH90_WAS_AIX.tar.gz

Application server:

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0

Optional Software:

·         Virtualization:

o    VMware workstation v8


 ·         Browsers:

o    One of the following

      • Mozilla Firefox  Web Browser
      • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.x

When possible, it is recommended that developers use a 64-bit version of Windows

running on a Virtual machine with up to 4GB of memory. MIH Workbench can work

with less powerful hardware, but productivity may be impacted by the demands of the

large software stack.


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