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50 DB2 Nuggets #9 : Tech Tip - Settings to Customize Java Stored Procedure Execution

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50 DB2 Nuggets #9 : Tech Tip - Settings to Customize Java Stored Procedure Execution


DB2 LUW is capable of running stored procedures and functions coded in several languages. Among these languages is Java. Since Java stored procedures and functions, (collectively referred to as routines) require a JVM there are some configuration settings that are specific to this type of routine. DB2 comes with a JDK and by default it is this JDK that is used to run Java routines. It is possible to alter DB2 to use another JDK to run Java routines. JDKs that are supported to run routines are documented in the DB2 infocenter for each release.


The Version 10.1 page is located at the following URL.


The JDK DB2 uses is specified by the JDK_PATH dbm cfg variable and by default is set to the instance's JDK location.


The following URL documents this variable for version10.1


In addition to the JDK you can specify how much Java Heap each JVM will use. If you believe your routine workload may require more or less Java Heap than the default, you can modify the amount of heap allocated by changing the dbm cfg variable JAVA_HEAP_SZ to the desired value.


The following URL documents the JAVA_HEAP_SZ variable for version10.1


The JVM for DB2 Java routines is created per process. Java routines that have been created as “threadsafe” can run with other routines in a single process and use a single JVM. If there is a Java routine that is expected to use a large amount of resources. You may wish to create this routines as “not threadsafe”. This will cause it to be run in its own process and have all the resources of the JVM for its use.

The following URLs document the Create Procedure and Create function statements for 10.1


Create Procedure


Create Scalar Function


Create Table Function

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