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50 DB2 Nuggets #11 : Resource Info - Knowledge Collection of DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows Technotes for Q1 2014

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50 DB2 Nuggets #11 : Resource Info - Knowledge Collection of DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows Technotes for Q1 2014


Hello DB2 Readers!

Looking for useful tips to solve some DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows common problems. Here is a knowledge Collection of new DB2 Technotes published in Q1 2014 organized under different categories. Please review.



"The registry does not exist" error messages in db2diag.log for file global.reg

db2pd errors out with 'Failure: pdRememberInstanceOwnerID, rc: 0x870F00B4'

SQL1051N, SQL2036N, or SQL1174N errors when using partition expressions in commands on DPF

SQL0551N error when issuing 'REFRESH TABLE <table name>' command

"DBI1060E  Invalid package name ESE" error during db2_install

DB2 installation on Linux fails with DBI1189E error even though the image is for the correct platform

Function LISTAGG fails with SQL0440N after upgrade to DB2 V9.7 Fixpack 4 or higher

DB2 Command Window and CLP hang when being started

How to determine the tables responsible for a phantom quiesce on a tablespace

What's the relationship between FCM_NUM_BUFFERS in dbm cfg and "Total Buffers" in "db2pd -fcm" output

DAS Timeout messages filling up db2dasdiag.log

db2 migration from older version fails with SQL2514N error during restore operation

IBM DB2 Commands may fail with SQL1092N when executed from db2cmd.exe on Microsoft® Windows


Error SQL0818N occurs when performing rollforward of a tablespace


DB2 reorganizes LOB data even though LONGLOBDATA clause is not specified in the 'REORG' command.

A clarification on INDEXREC=RESTART behaviour


Learning more about DB2 LUW Abend (crash)


CF trace in DB2 pureScale environment

uDAPL Version Verification on DB2 pureScale

Setup HADR on PureScale


Query Re-write generally does no matching for OUTER JOIN

Design advisor hangs



DB2 crashes on Vintella Authentication Services function

DB2 Audit operations may fail with DIA8506C error in db2diag.log

Getting SQL1092N error when running any DB2 commands as a domain id

Grant DB2 SECADM to userid from an existing LocalSystem (Windows) SECADM account


Connection to DB2 may fail with SQL1248N error message after calling xa_close()

Non-Java Applications receive SQL1034C (-1034) for connections to DB2 for z/OS V10 while Java Applications receive SQL0902C (-902)


DB2 Java routine may fail with SQL1646N error on AIX and db2fmp process killed with signal 4

How to map stored procedure names to packages after upgrading to DB2 UDB Version 8.2 or higher

Collecting data: DB2 Stored Procedures Problems

SQL1131N when invoking Micro Focus COBOL stored procedures


DB2 v10.5 Bind File and Package Name List

The DB2Parameter with ParameterName 'paramname' is already contained by this DB2ParameterCollection from .Net application

-525 error on NULLID.SYSSTAT package when trying to set CURRENT SCHEMA against a DB2 for z/OS database

CLI0199E - "Invalid connection string attribute" when running CLI/ODBC application

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