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50 DB2 Nuggets #21 : Tech Tip - Can you apply DB2 AESE license to ESE install or vice-versa?

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50 DB2 Nuggets #21 : Tech Tip - Can you apply DB2 AESE license to ESE install or vice-versa?



I would like to share with our readers the license issue that one of our customers ran into.

Its straightforward and I'm sure you have seen this license problem before and know to resolve it but I would like to show the symptoms, what options we had, which one did we choose to fix the license error .

The product installed was DB2 10.1 Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) as seen here below:

/home/abc>db2licm -l
Product name:                     "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
License type:                     "License not registered"
Expiry date:                      "License not registered"
Product identifier:               "db2ese"
Version information:              "10.1"
Product name:                     "DB2 Connect Server"
License type:                     "License not registered"
Expiry date:                      "License not registered"
Product identifier:               "db2consv"
Version information:              "10.1"
DB21085I  This instance or install (instance name, where applicable:
"abcd") uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL10013" with level
identifier "0204010E".
Informational tokens are "DB2 v10.1.0.3", "s130918", "IP23509", and Fix Pack
Product is installed at "/opt/IBM/db2/V10.1".


Customer was trying to apply the db2aese_u.lic license file which kept failing with the below error:

/home/abc>db2licm -a db2licm -a /home/abc/db2aese_u.lic
LIC1450I  The product licensed by the certificate "/home/abc/db2aese_u.lic" was not found in the DB2 copy.

Note: Its important to provide complete path to the location of db2aese_u.lic (DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (Authorized User Single Install option) license) or navigate to the location where DB2 license file exists and run db2licm -a command from that location as instance owner.

For more information on the licensing terms, please refer to this developerworks article

Here is an explanation for LIC1450I

The product licensed by the certificate file-name was not found in the DB2 copy.


Additional licenses may be added to a DB2 copy prior to additional product installation. The license has been successfully added but it will not be shown until the corresponding product is installed.

User response

No action is necessary. If you subsequently install the product covered by this certificate, you do not need to re-register the license.

The reason why the LIC1450I was seen is because we were trying to apply AESE license to an ESE product (or vice-versa) which is not allowed, you can only apply ESE license to ESE product or AESE license to AESE product.

At this point I've provided the below options:

1) Convert ESE to AESE and apply AESE license.

Please see below documentation for steps to convert product editions:

Converting instances from one DB2 database product to another (Linux and UNIX)
Converting instances from one DB2 database product to another (Windows)


2) Install AESE in a different install path (different from ESE)
    Then apply AESE license (db2licm -a db2aese_u.lic)
    Verify the license using db2licm -l , look for Expiry Date: you should see as Permanent
    Once you confirm the DB2 product is properly working
    You may uninstall ESE.

Note: Backup and restore databases as applicable.

DB2 Install/Uninstall on Linux/Unix:
Uninstalling your DB2 database product (Linux and UNIX)
Installing DB2 servers using the DB2 Setup wizard (Linux and UNIX)

DB2 Install/Uninstall on Windows:
Installing a fix pack (Windows)
Uninstalling your DB2 database product (Windows)




3) Uninstall ESE
    Install AESE product
    Once you verify that the basic DB2 commands are working
    Apply AESE license
    Verify the license 

This option is preferred if the existing instance under ESE does not have any databases under it.

Note: Backup and restore databases as applicable.


4) If you have purchased ESE license, apply ESE license so you don't have to go through the install/uninstall/conversion processes.


Apparently, we ended up using option 4) to solve the error, the simplest option out of all, since customer figured they had ESE 10.1 bundled in an IBM Tivoli Product, which came with a Restricted DB2 ESE license (db2ese_o.lic), we've applied the ESE license successfully, the product was licensed for ESE.


/home/abc>db2licm -a db2ese_o.lic
LIC1402I  License added successfully.

LIC1426I  This product is now licensed for use as outlined in your License Agreement.  USE OF THE PRODUCT CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF THE IBM LICENSE AGREEMENT, LOCATED IN THE FOLLOWING DIRECTORY: "/opt/IBM/db2/V10.1/license/en_US.iso88591"

/home/abc>db2licm -l

Product name:                     "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"

License type:                     "Restricted"

Expiry date:                      "Permanent"

Product identifier:               "db2ese"

Version information:              "10.1"


DB2 Storage Optimization:         "Not licensed"

DB2 pureScale:                    "Not licensed"


Product name:                     "DB2 Connect Server"

License type:                     "License not registered"

Expiry date:                      "License not registered"

Product identifier:               "db2consv"

Version information:              "10.1"


On a side note:
If you have a concern about DB2 Connect Server (which is automatically installed as part of ESE install) appearing in db2licm -l output, if its something you wanted to fix, you can try the below:

- Remove the Connect Server License using: db2licm -r db2consv
db2consv  - DB2 Connect Server product identifier
- Run db2licm -l command and verify if DB2 Connect Server is not present

- If the DB2 Connect Server is still present in the db2licm output, rename the nodelock file

Here are the nodelock file locations for different Operating Systems:
The nodelock file could be found in the following locations: 

Windows XP/2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\DB2\<DB2 COPY Name>\license\nodelock

Windows Vista/2008: C:\ProgramData\IBM\DB2\<DB2 copy name>\license\nodelock 
Linux/UNIX: <installation path>/license/nodelock 
Example: /opt/ibm/db2/V10.1/license/nodelock 
- Re-apply DB2 ESE license (a new nodelock file is created), DB2 Connect Server should no longer appear in the db2licm -l output


Thank You for reading!

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