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db2stop/db2start failing with I/O errors.

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db2stop/db2start failing with I/O errors.


Commonly  if  db2stop/db2start  fail  with I/O  errors  it  might point  toward a corruptions of some kind at filesystem level. Or,  either instance binaries are corrupted or, database catalogs /directories have issues.

But, before getting worried  do a quick check with  db2diag.log  messages with db2stop/db2start

db2diag -A


And, then check the db2diag.log entry.

It  might fail with I/O error   even if an important  file system like /home  is  full.    The db2diag.log will show which file system is full.

Then,  do a   "df -k"  and   confirm it and clean that up. 

Many times DIAGPATH or, log path, archive log path or,  even db2 containers   put with   /home  filesystem might cause this kind of issues.

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