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Running db2level in DB2 Command Window returning SQL1022C

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Running db2level in DB2 Command Window returning SQL1022C


In a  Windows DB2  setup there are two kinds of  Command Winodw

- DB2 Command Window - Administrator

- DB2 Command Window


Sometimes  running a simple command  from ordinary Command Window can return  various  unexpected  errors.



C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2level
SQL1022C  There is not enough memory available to process the command.

C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 connect to sample
DB21018E  A system error occurred. The command line processor could not
continue processing.


But, these  works fine from an   Admin Command Window.


Most likely  the cause of these  errors is  windows 7  extended security option.

Choosing  Extended Security  during install can cause this.  And, there are ways to enable and disable  extended security.

But, to get a quick  fix,   add the  userid  who  is running  the Command Window  to  the group  DB2USERS at Windows level.

Then,  totally logout  at  windows  level and  log back in  as user.

If  still problem there,  add the user to  DB2ADMNS  group  and that should solve the  problem.


But, remember this is done as part of  extended security.  So,  this is  a quick fix only and possible security  review should be done to ensure no security concern is introduced.



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