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Why am I getting dumps from db2fmp process' when DB2 engine is up and running

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Why am I getting dumps from db2fmp process' when DB2 engine is up and running


db2fmp  process are Fenced Mode Process'  which are run outside of DB2's  main  address space.

Not-Fenced  ->  Runs inside DB2's  address space.  Example, SQL procedures,  C Stored Procedures.

Fenced        ->    Runs outside of DB2's  address space.   Those use  db2fmp  process'   which  are not part of db2sysc  process. Example,   Java, C  Stored Procedures and  User Defined Functions (UDF).


This is a way to  run  a  non-DB2 code as part of procedures or,  functions  inside DB2.    If it's run as  Not-Fenced  then it will run  in DB2's address space.   So,  any  code bug in those procedures and functions  will bring down the entire DB2 engine.

The  fenced  procedures are used to  avoid that kind of DB2 crash.  Instead,  it will crash only  the db2fmp  process'  and cause associated dumps.   But,  not affect  running  of the main DB2 engine.


So,   if it's noticed that  dumps  are getting generated from db2fmp  process'   the first thing should be  checked is,   what products  or, applications are owning  the code  as part of those  procedures/functions and involve the product team to  find the cause of the crashes.   The  application providing those codes might have their  own diagnostic ways which might help to  find  the source of the problem.


In rare  situations  it  might be  a defect  related to DB2's  infrastructure or,   some  tuning   need  related  to resources in the box and  in specific  users.


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