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Maximum File size limit reached for Automatic storage DMS tablespace.

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Maximum File size limit reached for Automatic storage DMS tablespace.


When a table space needs to grow, the database manager will first attempt to extend those containers of the tablespace.
When current containers become "full", Automatic Storage will increase the container size automatically.

If the container size can not be increased due to file system full,error will be returned.But,If container size can not be increased due to

container/file size limitation (i.e. Maximum File Size) but file system still has space,new strip set will be created, that is, new container files will be created.


Tablespace TABLESPACE1  is Automatic Storage DMS Tablespace created on UFS file system which has File system Limit of 1TB.
But the Mount point /db2/DB2/mount1 and /db2/DB2/mount2 have 3 TB space available.

Tablespace Configuration:
Address                           Id    Type Content PageSz ExtentSz Auto Prefetch BufID BufIDDisk FSC NumCntrs MaxStripe  LastConsecPg RSE  Name
0xFFFFFFFE1ECC8D80 10    DMS  Large   16384          2        Yes  4        1     1         Off           2           0          511          Yes          TABLESPACE1

Address            TspId ContainNum Type    TotalPgs   UseablePgs PathID     StripeSet  Container

0xFFFFFFF5F11141A0 10    0          File    65995776   65995774   0          0          /db2/DB2/mount1/../C0000000.LRG
0xFFFFFFF5F11143D0 10    1          File    65995776   65995774   1          0          /db2/CDP/mount2/../C0000001.LRG


Once the C0000000.LRG and C0000001.LRG reached 1TB(UFS file system Maximum size limit),
DB2 no longer will be able to increase the container size so it will be creating C0000002.LRG and C0000003.LRG on same mount points if  both of them have space available.

If only one of them have space then only C0000002.LRG will be created on mount point where space is available and application can continue adding data in them.


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