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Why the storage group status is 0x0000000A

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Why the storage group status is 0x0000000A


Normally the storage group status is 0. The following is an example that the storage group status is set to 0x0000000A instead:

$ db2pd -d mydb -storagegroup

Database Member 0 -- Database MYDB -- Active Standby -- Up 11 days 18:50:57 -- Date 2018-02-20-

Storage Group Configuration:

Address           SGID Default DataTag   Name

0x00003FFD04642820 0    Yes     0         IBMSTOGROUP

Storage Group Statistics:

Address           SGID State     Numpaths NumDropPen

0x00003FFD04642820 0    0x0000000A 2        0

Storage Group Paths:

Address           SGID PathID   PathState   PathName

0x00003FFD04666000 0    0        InUse       /path1

0x00003FFD04668000 0    1        InUse       /path2


The state 0x0000000A of storage group is a combination of the following two flags:

* 0x0000000000000002 - SQLB_STORAGEGROUP_SKIP_ALTERS


Other possible values are documented at the following link:

These flags may be turned on when you restore the database to set up HADR and storage group has been redefined
using "ON..."option or other ways that redefine the storage group.


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