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Master Key rotation in pureScale

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Master Key rotation in pureScale


In purescale, when you rotate the “Master Key” on one member, it does not immediately reflect on other members, when you check it with db2pd -enc command.  


Example : 


1> Suppose Master key rotation is achieved using below command on member 0 : 


  Value of output parameter
  Parameter Name  : LABEL
  Parameter Value : DB2_SYSGEN_xxxxxx_xxxx_2018-08-11-11.18.52

  Return Status = 0

2> On checking with following command : 
MEMBER 0 $ db2pd -db DBNAME -enc

Master Key Label: DB2_SYSGEN_xxxxxx_xxxx_2018-08-11-11.18.52

 Master Key Rotation Timestamp: 2018-08-11-

 Previous Master Key Label: DB2_SYSGEN_xxxxxx_xxxx_2018-03-04-05.34.25


 3> Checking it on other member : 

MEMBER 1 $ db2pd -db psdb -enc

 Master Key Label: DB2_SYSGEN_xxxxxx_xxxx_2018-03-04-05.34.25

 Master Key Rotation Timestamp: 2018-03-04-

 Previous Master Key Label: DB2_SYSGEN_xxxxxx_xxxx_2017-10-17-14.47.11


One of our customer did a Deactivate/Activate DB after which the member 1 also reflected the new Master key in db2pd -enc command.


Is it needed ? Why doesn't the new master key get reflected in other members right away ? 


Solution : 

When you next rotate the database Master Key in purescale, use the following command first to check the key rotation on the "other” member instead of db2pd : 

db2 "select OBJECT_TYPE, OBJECT_NAME, MASTER_KEY_LABEL, ROTATION_TIME from table(sysproc.admin_get_encryption_info())"

It should show that the master key has been rotated properly.  db2pd -enc on both/all members should then match when run afterwards.


Explanation : 

db2pd -enc looks at an in-memory copy of the encryption information. It will not be refreshed on other member/s until it is needed, such as when transactions/logs are being committed to disk, you are querying the encryption info table function, or during database activation.

 A lack of activity on the other member explains the situation and the db2pd -enc showing old value from memory. 


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