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How to migrate a DB2 database from AESE to ESE ?

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How to migrate a DB2 database from AESE to ESE ?


To migrate a DB2 database from AESE to ESE you will have to : 

1. Install a new DB2 ESE software copy. (this should be done in a separate installation directory of course)

2. Migrate your DB2 instance to the new ESE copy using the command db2iupdt. Tthis db2iupdt command should be run from the NEW installation path.



Please refer the following links, which should be able to show you how the migration from one db2 product to another works :

IBM link for converting AESE to ESE :

Converting instances from one DB2 database product to another (Linux and UNIX)


This link below is an example of 2 approaches to covert an ESE to AESE. Please reverse the products in this case i.e. old one AESE and new is ESE. But all the steps are same :

How can I convert a DB2 LUW ESE installation to an AESE one?



Below link shows details about the db2iupdt command:

db2iupdt - Update instances command 

In the examples section of above link, you can check that we have actually documented running of db2iupdt when you want to update the instance to run from a different installation (ESE) than before (AESE) :


For UNIX and Linux operating systems

A db2inst2 instance is associated with a DB2 copy of DB2 database product installed at DB2DIR1. You have another copy of a DB2 database product on the same computer at DB2DIR2 for the same version of the DB2 database product that is installed in the DB2DIR1 directory. To update the instance to run from the DB2 copy installed at DB2DIR1 to the DB2 copy installed at DB2DIR2, issue the following command:

DB2DIR2/instance/db2iupdt db2inst2



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