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Simple steps to upload the DB2LUW CASE or, PMR data

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Simple steps to upload the DB2LUW CASE or, PMR data


There are number sites describing  how to upload data  to  DB2  Cases and PMRs.

However,  I end up providing these steps manually  in  many cases.

So, wanted to make it more generally visible.


Upload the file using Web Browser:


For  Salesforce cases :

1.  Go  to

2.  Put the  case  number

3.  Enter your  email  id.

4.  Then,  select  files for upload


For  PMRs,
1. Go to:
2. Give the PMR number
3. Select "IM" in box 2
4. Input your e-mail address
Upload the file using FTP:

( example,   for case TS123456789,  for PMR ppppp.bbb.ccc )
1.  Rename the file  filename.extension  as either  TSxxxxxxxxx   or,  ppppp.bbb.ccc.filename.extension.
2.  Open a command line window  and navigate to the directory containing the file.
3.  ftp
4.  User: anonymous
5.  Password: your email address
6.  ftp> cd toibm/im
7.  ftp> binary
8.  ftp> put   <the file with extension>


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