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50 DB2 Nuggets #31 : Tech Tip - Hostname change in DB2 HADR and TSA systems

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50 DB2 Nuggets #31 : Tech Tip - Hostname change in DB2 HADR and TSA systems


Hostname of operating system needs to be changed ?
I believe it's not frequent work. But those cases sometimes happen. For example, some naming policies changes or post work  after solution package software delivery.
Changing hostname is not the difficult work itself in operating system administrator's perspective. 
But if multiple softwares starts to up and running on the system, it needs to be handled very, very carefully especially with high availability cluster environment.
As for POWER HA (HACMP) product, it has the its own procedure for changing the hostname in such as 'smitty hacmp' command.
In this blog, I would like to share the detail steps of chaining the hostnames in  DB2 HADR (High Availability and Data Replication) and TSA(Tivoli System Automation) environment. 
The idea is just simple. Clearing the TSA environment, then configuring that again. 
There are many dependencies on hostname, so there is no easier way than recreating TSA environment.
Especially in HADR and TSA combination, we can use the 'db2haicu' which help to complete to these step in 10 minutes.
It's tested on this in some test systems and real production system a company.

For the detail step, you can refer the following link and the page is also useful when you just configure or delete the environment.

How to change the hostname in DB2 HADR and TSA environment system

And the more important thing is testing the takeover after the work.

In rare cases, if you have a problem with takeover after the change, just try to reset the TSA resource of HADR DB pairs.

Then it will work.

Here is the example.

$ resetrsrc -s "Name = '<hadr resource name>' " IBM.Application 
For each database you need to execute like following
$ resetrsrc -s "Name=' db2_db2inst1_db2inst1_DBNAME-rs'” IBM.Application 




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