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Attention IBM ECM products with a EOS date of Dec 31, 2015

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Attention IBM ECM products with a EOS date of Dec 31, 2015


Joel Kirscher here, your ECM eSupport person assisting you with your IBM ECM products. 

This blog is an extra notice to say that three products at two version levels will hit End Of Support (EOS) this Dec 31, 2015.  This is a somewhat unusual End Of Support (EOS) date.  The good news is an upgrade to the new version will allow you to be using a version that is eligible for continued support. Take a look at the products below and if you have any of these products then please make appropriate plans so you will continue to be be on supported IBM ECM products.  As a convenience If you click on the product names then you will go to a web page that then provides a link to get to the Life Support page for the product.

If your ECM products are not listed below please check the ECM End Of Service (EOS) Products blog to make sure your current products are not going to go beyond the EOS date any time soon. And, if you will, also go to the My notifications page and enroll in all the IBM products you run at your site.  



Product / LIfecycle link for End of support notification EOS Date
Atlas eDiscovery Process Management 4.5.x December 31, 2015
Atlas eDiscovery Process Management 5.0.1 December 31, 2015
Disposal and Governance Management for IT 4.5.x December 31, 2015
Disposal and Governance Management for IT 5.0.1 December 31, 2015
Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management 4.5.x December 31, 2015
Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management 5.0.1 December 31, 2015





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