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IBM Analytics Platform (IAP) - Support Lifecycle Resources


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End of Support (EOS) Announcements

IBM provides advance notification of End Of Support (EOS) dates allowing customers reasonable time to complete software upgrades or to refresh appliance products.  To view upcoming EOS dates by product segment, click a link in the list below.


image  IBM Product Lifecycle

             Important note:  The link above provides the ability to search for all IBM products, utilizing a Rolodex format.  Simply type the product name


imageEnterprise Content Management (ECM) products End of Support (EOS) blog

ECM products that reached EOS as of 2014 and into 2017.


View all IBM Software EOS announcements for 2016 and 2017.

image IBM Software End of Support (EOS)




Support Lifecycle FAQs

Q: What are the major Support Lifecycle milestones?

A: The major Support Lifecycle milestones are:

  • General availability (GA) - Refers to the date that a new version or release of the product is available to all users.  A product version/release is not published to the Support Lifecycle web site until the GA date.
  • End of Marketing (EOM) - Refers to the effective date on which a version/release (and associated part number) ceases to be available and can no longer be ordered via standard price lists.
  • End of Support (EOS) - Refers to the last date on which IBM will deliver standard technical support for a given version/release of a product.
  • End of Life (EOL) - Refers to the effective date on which a Software product, an Appliance or a Hardware platform reaches the end of its useful life.


Q: How do you determine if your installed software is still supported?

A: Search by product name or keyword using the Support Lifecycle Search tool.  You can also view a list of IBM Software products that will reach EOS in 2016 and 2017 via the IBM Software End of Support page.


Q: What happens when EOS is announced?

A: Often, there is a newer version of the software available for download.  In most cases, you’ll have sufficient time to plan for and install the latest version.  For more information on the lifecycle stages, including EOS, view this short YouTube video on the IBM Product Lifecycle and EOS.


Q: What is the standard version format for IBM Software products?

A: The full product version is expressed by a four-digit code known as the IBM Version, Release, Modification and Fix Level structure, or VRMF.  View this Technote for additional information and description of each element.  You may also find this Glossary of product support and maintenance terms helpful.


Q: Where can you view additional details on product updates or replacement information?

A: Using the Support Lifecycle Search, search for your product, select View for details and click the EOS date to view the overall announcement.  A view of this step is located below, in the "Support Lifecycle Information" section.


Q: What are your options if you are unable to upgrade or refresh your current products before the EOS date?

A: You can request a Support Extension.  Support Extensions are available for Customers who are unable to migrate to a supported version, release or appliance platform prior to EOS.  For more information, visit the IBM Extended Support page or review the IBM Security - Extended Support page for specific country contact information.


Q: How do you stay connected for future product announcements?

A: There are several ways to receive product announcements:

  1. Subscribe to IBM Announcement letters:
  • Go to IBM Offering Information
  • Select the Additional resources tab
  • Look for Communication tools: iNews and select your location
  • Enter your IBM id (email address) and password
  • Scroll down to the Software subcategory and select Security
  • Verify your contact information
  • Select Continue
  • Confirmation - You will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription selections
  1. Sign up to receive notifications for your IBM products.  Learn how by watching this short YouTube video - Subscribe to My NotificationsYou can access My Notifications through the IBM Support Portal at: Subscribe to notifications.

  2. Build and save a custom product list using the Support Lifecycle Search tool.  Visit the My Product list blog for instructions.


Q: How can you connect with IBM Support via Social Media?

A: A number of IBM Support Business Units and Divisions have Social Media channels for you to take advantage of.  Clicking here provides you the opportunity to view a knowledge collection of IBM Support Social Media Channels available, to include information centric to Product Newsletters, Technical Exchanges, and much, much more. 

One additional item worth mentioning located in the same link, IBM's Support Easy OnBoarding tool.  It's a great tool for a new or existing IBM client, providing a step-by-step process.  For existing clients, they can benefit by updating their product profiles, signing up for IBM product notifications.  Within the application is a “Helpful Links” tab.  This tab provides a vast amount of content and links in regard to IBM support in general.  For our new IBM clients, they can take advantage of signing up for the following Client Self-Assist (CSA) tools.

  • Obtaining an IBM ID
  • Sign up for My Notifications, IBM Product Lifecycle Subscriptions and Social Media Support Channels
  • Accessing the IBM Support Portal for product information
  • Registering for Service Request (SR)
  • Registering for Passport Advantage program for product downloads


Q: Where can you find more information on IBM Support policies?

A: You can view and download the IBM Support Handbook(s) that are relevant to the product(s) you use.




Support Lifecycle Documents

The IBM Support Lifecycle Policy sets forth the minimum length of time IBM will provide technical support for a product version and release.  Click the link below to view the IBM Support Lifecycle Policy. 

IBM Software Support Policy Lifecycle


Additional and detailed information can be located at the product level, by simply clicking on the Product name, General Availability or End of Support hot links.  Please see the example below.



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