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Announced: IBM Content Collector 4.0.1 & The new features

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Announced: IBM Content Collector 4.0.1 & The new features


IBM Content Collector 4.0.1 has been released, the purpose of this blog is to make us aware of new features introduced in this version.

First Start out with knowing more about the Pre-requisites for this release, available at /support/pages/node/614445.

Some New Features are discussed below, please refer to  IBM Knowledge Center link for a more detailed look at these features and others.


Microsoft Exchange email archiving: Improved archiving performance
The IBM Content Collector Email Connector service can now create child processes, which results in higher throughput and better scalability on a single machine when archiving Microsoft Exchange email.


SMTP Connector: Force archiving using Failed Message Envelopes
If processing SMTP/MIME email fails because of an invalid document structure, you can now force archiving by using Failed Message Envelopes. However, forcing archiving might cause limitations when users search for content in those documents.


Support of IBM Content Collector OWA in Office 2013
The IBM Content Collector OWA app for Office 2013 enables users to mark documents for archiving or stubbing, to search, view, or restore archived content, or to add additional archiving information using a browser as their mail client. The IBM Content Collector OWA app for Office 2013 can be configured and deployed for specific users or for everyone in your organization.


Check out the new Indexing Features in IBM Content Manger.

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