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ICC iNotes Extension mobile support for IBM iNotes on iPad

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ICC iNotes Extension mobile support for IBM iNotes on iPad


Starting with V4.0.1 Fix Pack 2  IBM Content Collector (ICC) supports IBM iNotes with Lite mode or Full mode on Apple iPad.

IBM Content Collector client functions, such as "Mark for Archiving" and "Restore", can be used on iPad with browser Safari. IBM iNotes must be switched to the Lite mode or Full mode to use IBM Content Collector iNotes Client functions on iPad.

To access IBM iNotes Lite mode or Full mode, additional parameters, ui=iNotes_lite or ui=iNotes_full, need to be specified in the URL address of Domino Database, for example:


If other IBM Content Collector functions on iPad are required, such as "Search", "Help" or "Specify Additional Archiving Information", Pop-up windows must be enabled by going to "Settings" > "Safari", then disabling "Block Pop-ups".

Further information is in IBM Content Collector Version 4.0.1 Fix Pack 2 Readme.

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