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IBM Content Collector (ICC) upgrade errors

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IBM Content Collector (ICC) upgrade errors


Here is a scenario where an upgrade of ICC failed with errors from ICC to ICC 4.0.1 and steps taken to rectify these errors.

The upgrade installer reported ICC was sucessfully upgraded. ICC Configuration Manager is started for the first time after the upgrade, upon starting the Configuration Manager and opting to import and upgrade the configuration data from the ICC external database, various errors are reported:

The following errors are reported while using the ICC Configuration Manager to complete the data store import:
Error occured in 'DataAccess' - 'Failed to read from an IPC Port: The pipe has been ended. '
at NetSvc.Common.CatalogProxy.InvokeCatalogServiceSync(IDataIn input) in d:\builds\ctms_ui\ctms_ui_201511022204\svn\EMA\UiServices\NetSvc\Common\CatalogProxy.cs
at NetSvc.Common.Proxy.CatalogInvokeSync(IDataIn input) in
d: \builds\ctms_ui\ctms_ui_201511022204\svn\EMA\UiServices\NetSvc\Common\Pr
oxy.cs:line 27 at DataAccess.DataStoreTable.MigrateDataStore(DataStoreDefinitionNET
legacyDefinition, DataStoreDefinitionNET solidDefintion)


The root cause for these errors is due to the fact the customers ICC database with the "black_list", "report_data_minute" and "report_data_hour" tables was consuming > 8GB size at the time of import. The ICC 4.0.1 Solid DB grew to about 4GB in size when it reported the error.

Best practice always is to make sure to first backup the three largest tables within ICC and then purge them prior to the upgrade. These tables are"black_list", "report_data_minute" and "report_data_hour"

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU029","label":"Data and AI"}, "Product":{"code":"SSAE9L","label":"Content Collector"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"","Edition":""}]