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Automatic backup for IBM Content Collector (ICC) SolidDB Configuration data

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Automatic backup for IBM Content Collector (ICC) SolidDB Configuration data



Here is a tip on how to initiate automatic backup for SolidDB on ICC servers, this comes in very handy if you run into an issue where the configuration database gets corrupted for some reason. 

To backup your ICC configuration data, use the afuConfigStoreTool utility that is provided with the product. To include the Content Collector configuration store in a regularly scheduled corporate backup, define a scheduled task that runs on a Content Collector node and that uses the afuConfigStoreTool program to create a backup of the Content Collector configuration data in a directory that is located on the Content Collector node. Schedule this task to run in advance of the corporate backup. Configure the corporate backup to include the directory that contains the backup of the Content Collector configuration data.


To back up your configuration data, run the utility with the backup option:

afuConfigStoreTool backup [-free-unused-space] backup directory


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