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Handling of PDF portfolio files thru IBM Content Collector (ICC)

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Handling of PDF portfolio files thru IBM Content Collector (ICC)


A question came up recently about capability of ICC to handle ingestion of portfolio PDF files. A brief introduction of portfolio files is warranted to understand the context of this blog.

A PDF Portfolio contains multiple files that are assembled into an integrated PDF unit. The files in a PDF Portfolio can be of different formats and created with different applications. For example, you have a project that includes text documents, email messages, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and PowerPoint presentations. You can combine all of these documents into a PDF Portfolio. The original files retain their individual identities but are assembled into one PDF Portfolio file. Users can open, read, edit, and format each component file independently of the other component files in the PDF Portfolio.


So back to the question, ICC does supports handling of PDF Portfolio files without any issues. The issue reported has to do with the  behavior of  Daeja viewer not able to handle display of Portfolio file. The PDF Portfolio is not supported in Daeja Viewer Professional 4.1 because it is not a PDF file. Instead, the PDF Portfolio is a wrapper that includes multiple PDF documents.

A Technote has been published on this topic.




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