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Level Up Your IBM Support Resourcefulness This Holiday!

Level Up Your IBM Support Resourcefulness This Holiday!

December 20, 2019

Add these resources to your toolset to get more out of IBM Support in the new year.

Season’s Greetings!

This holiday, bring your IBM resourcefulness to the next level by discovering new key resources from IBM Support, IBM Training and Skills, and IBM Community. To top it off, each experience only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Ready to level up? Let’s get started with the 12 days of activities!

Day 1: Follow IBM Support on Twitter

Follow IBM Support on Twitter

Did you know that IBM Support is on Twitter? Follow us at @IBMSupport for the latest announcement, news and updates on your support experience.


Day 2: Get rewards for completing fun challenges
IBM VIP Rewards

Join the IBM VIP Rewards program to take on fun challenges and earn rewards for interacting with IBM, learning new technologies, and sharing your knowledge.


Day 3: Learn from and converse with leaders from IBM Support
Enroll in the IBM Support Insider Live webinars to learn from and have conversations with leaders from IBM Support as they show you enhancements to your support experience.


Day 4: Start an online chat
Start an online chat

If your product is supported through the new IBM Support site, you can get help by chatting with us online! Learn more in the article, Start a Chat with IBM Support.


Day 5: Participate in the support forums
Tap into the knowledge of others and grow your personal eminence by sharing your own expertise through the IBM Support forums. See the article, Say Hello to Your New IBM Support Forums.


Day 6: Learn how to set up and use IBM Support
Read the IBM Support Guide to learn how to get up and running with IBM Support, including ways to get help with your products.


Day 7: Discover our support plans and options
Whether you’re running a solution with IBM Cloud services, on-premises software, systems, appliances, hybrid environments, or non-IBM products, we have the right support solution for you. Learn more from the IBM Support Offerings page.


Day 8: Begin your learning journey
IBM Skills Gateway

Head over to the IBM Skills Gateway to begin your learning journey. You can check out our innovative education offerings and track your achievement recognition through digital credentials such as badges, certifications and certificates.


Day 9: Connect with your product peers
Looking to connect with your product peers to see how they’re using their offerings? Do they have interesting solutions, thoughts, and suggestions? Join an IBM community to be a part of the conversation!


Day 10: Stay informed of critical software and hardware support updates
Sign up for IBM My Notifications to receive daily or weekly emails containing important support updates for your IBM software and hardware products.


Day 11: Get fixes and updates for your software, hardware, and operating system products
IBM Fix Central is the place to be if you’re looking for fixes and updates for your IBM software, hardware, and operating system products.


Day 12: Try something new
Want to take an IBM offering for a test drive? Choose from various trials, ranging from AI to blockchain on the IBM Marketplace!

And that’s a wrap! Before you sign off for the year, we’d like to wish you Happy Holidays and thank you for an amazing 2019. We look forward to partnering with you in the new year!

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