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As storage area networks continue to evolve so does the need to understand how and what is causing issues. This session helps introduce the newest Analytics features of IBM C-type. This technology as included in the 32Gbps platform provides the visualization that can answers to many of the questions that administrators are forced to answer every day. This SAN Analytics data is driven to provide visibility of the next generation high-speed connectivity deployments, which include 32Gbps Fibre Channel carrying both SCSI and NVMe traffic. This presentation explains how to leverage the inbuilt always on technology of C-type SAN Analytics. We will discuss how to architect, deploy and use the data to solve real world issues that every administrator faces from differing IO sizes, Exchange Completion times, storage device response times, and slow drain information as well.


Date:  January 21, 2020
Speakers: Art Scrimo, Cisco Product Manager


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