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Spectrum LSF File and Directory Checker


  • LSF File and Directory Permission Checker:
Commands and daemons often generate error messages because of permission restrictions that are not obvious permission problems. This permission checker helps you check LSF permissions, helping reduce your troubleshooting time.
  • LSF File and Directory I/O Checker:
Fast and reliable access to LSF dependent files and directories is critical for LSF cluster's performance. This tool will check a list of predefined LSF files and directories to demonstrate how the target I/O subsystem performed for handling I/O workloads.
  • LSF Data File Checker
Check the status of LSF data files that are located under the LSF work directory. For example:
       - Check LSF event files
       - file size
       - Check the number of* files
       - Show event lock file timestamp, contents, mbd process
       - Warn if the number of* files exceeds the predefined configurable threshold in tool
       - Warn if the size of file exceeds the predefined configurable threshold in tool
Check LSF info directory
       - Show the value of MAX_INFO_DIRS if set otherwise show not set
       - Show total number of info files
       - List each directory and the info file numbers accordingly
       - Warn if the number of info files exceeds the predefined configurable threshold in tool
       - Warn if info files are older than predefined configurable days in tool and list them

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18 November 2020