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IBM® Cloud Storage Solutions for i is the IBM cloud solution for backing up IBM i data, product 5733-ICC.

You can use Cloud Storage Solutions to store IBM i files securely in the cloud, eliminating the need for tape drives, tape cartridges, and courier services for off-site storage. To store files, you must obtain server space from a cloud service provider. Next, you must create a Cloud Storage Solutions resource that defines the cloud server location and authorization information needed to access it. Last, you can copy files between the Integrated File System (IFS) on the IBM i and the cloud server.

You can work with resources and files directly by using Cloud Storage Solutions commands, or your applications can work with resources and files that use Cloud Storage Solutions API.

You can use Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) for i with Cloud Storage Solutions to transfer virtual save media to and from the cloud. For more information on using Cloud Storage Solutions with BRMS, refer to Using BRMS with Cloud Storage Solutions for i in IBM Docs. 

IBM Cloud Storage Solutions is also key for using IBM i in a cloud environment. The ability to back up and restore from cloud storage is crucial, and there are no tape options for environments in the cloud.

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29 September 2021