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Auto-Locate hierarchy in Maximo Spatial 7.5

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Auto-Locate hierarchy in Maximo Spatial 7.5


Did you know that Auto-Locate hierarchy has been enhanced in Maximo Spatial 7.5. The text below describes the order and hierarchy of processing data in Maximo records that can possible generate a map position.

The objective is simple. There is not always a direct link between the Maximo and GIS feature record. So rather than not display something in the map, try to find some information in the record that has a direct link to an object in the map or that can be geocoded using an address or GPS coordinates. This ultimately results in a better one to one match, Maximo record to a GIS Feature.

The reason I am starting a blog about this is that you might have ideas about how to further enhance this functionality to improve it. 

  • Asset:
    • asset linked → asset x/y → asset SA linked → asset SA x/y -> asset location linked → asset location x/y → asset location SA linked → asset location SA x/y
  • Location:
    • location linked → location x/y → location SA linked → location SA x/y
  • Workorder (WO): 
    • WO linked → WO x/y → WO SA linked → WO SA x/y →WO asset linked → WO asset x/y -> WO asset SA linked → WO asset SA x/y →  WO location linked → WO location x/y → WO location SA linked → WO location SA x/y
  • Service Request (SR):
    • SR linked → SR x/y → SR SA linked → SR SA x/y →SR asset linked → SR asset x/y → SR asset SA linked → SR asset SA x/y → SR location linked → SR location x/y → SR location SA linked → SR location SA x/y
  • Service Address (SA): SA linked → SA x/y

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