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Do your assets talk to you?

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Do your assets talk to you?


 Do you assets talk to you? Are you even listening? What could you do better if you knew what they were saying?image

Discussions with the various levels of government, private sector and others always reveals a complex matrix of systems that are unique to a particular department/division/branch/line of business that are not shared with any other groups. So the point is many times there are systems in place that perform monitoring and reporting about the current health of the asset, however combining the data from those systems is complex, difficult and not often done. Having a single view or presentation layer that "Brings it all together" can move Asset Management to the next level, "Asset Optimization".

We are starting to solve this problem using Maximo and GIS  technologies together in Maximo Spatial. What we are describing is a new level of configuration for Maximo that can present an operational view of your entire eco system (assets, infrastructure, environment). image  This is done in a visual manner using maps, symbols with colors, size, hints and labels describing current status, that paints a very understandable picture of what is going on in the field with my assets right now. The presentation is also a collaborative consolidation of all those system we mentioned earlier.

My electric distribution transformer asset is being overloaded due to above normal electric demand and high air temperatures. I need to monitor this condition on all my transformers by circuit and manage the load to prevent a compete outage for that circuit due to these conditions. I want to use some analytics to understand where those assets are located and what their probability of failure is. With GIS data now readily accessible in Maximo I can get a real-time view of my assets, be alerted visually if they are not operating at an optimal level, and identify and initiate work orders against those assets from the same map view if necessary.

So the questions are:
       Does this make sense?
      Should we continue to pursue this in Maximo with a more standard configuration using Spatial to support this operational view inside Maximo?
My comments in the BLOG are intended to promote discussion about direction for Maximo Spatial. So everybody please chime in!


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