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Asset Management: Plans and Material, the Tip of the Iceberg … Impact Planning

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Asset Management: Plans and Material, the Tip of the Iceberg … Impact Planning



On any given day it may be challenge enough to ensure your work plan has the up to date steps and proper resources  (material, manpower and tools) to complete a job on time.  Now take several steps back and think about what it took to get to that point of trouble free execution.

I think you will find the work plan is just  the tip of the iceberg.

The Maximo Nuclear Industry Solution has dealt with some of what’s below the surface through its Impact Planning process.Impact Plans provide:

  • An operational view of work:

        Identify legal and administrative conditions and actions which may be required to prepare for and or execute the work

        Indicate the need for retesting, make general comments about and identify any PMs that would satisfy the retest requirements

        Identify equipment unavailability and relate that to specific tasks of the work plan thereby providing detailed input into the risk assessment process

        Evaluate Risks; Indicate perquisites, precautions and operational work coordination concerns.

        Indicate all expected events and  plan a response for each


  • A maintenance view of work

        Identify all the coordination elements of the work by indicating the group / person that should be notified and / or that are needed to support the work.

        Identify and or Generate Permits: Type (Hot Work, Confined Space, Scaffold etc.) Location , Permit Specific Job Plans, Classifications, and Specifications

Like Job Plans, Impact Plans are reusable and can be created during PM generation of Work Orders. Impact Planning is a good foundation to support the growing complexities of managing work on your assets.

Many of you have already looked under the wrappers of the “Nuclear” industry solution and found sound process (Impact Plans, Clearances [replaces core’s lockout / Tagout application], Permits, and Corrective Actions) that you will implement  in your regulated industry

 If these are areas of interest please let us know what you think and explore how our solution’s capabilities may suit your needs by visiting us on the   IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Web Page

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