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BiLog: 75 Performance Enabler... Managing requests thru Report Schedule Limits

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BiLog: 75 Performance Enabler... Managing requests thru Report Schedule Limits


In the last few BiLog entries, I've talked about a variety of performance enablers, including

While doing this, I’ve also brought in some analogies on enormous food buffets, and agonizing Boston Area Traffic. image

Today, I'll build upon the performance enabler story by discussing report schedule limits, and simply comparing it to how busy we all are.

We all know that everyone today is busy. We all have complex jobs, where we need to not only do more than ever - we need to respond quicker than ever. And because we need to keep doing more - we often don't have the chance to stop and do housekeeping on our various applications.

Our clients consistently see this with reporting in Maximo. Maximo users submit recurring schedule requests, so they can automatically receive their favorite reports by email. At some point, the need for the recurring report goes away - for example, when a project ends, when the data is no longer useful, or when the user changes jobs. However, the user continues to let the report job execute and continues to receive the report output.

The key here is that the user is busy and doesn't prioritize the housekeeping of his report requests.
A pileup of report requests continue to execute and consume unnecessary resources, as the user has stopped consuming their outputs. While this may initially appear insignificant for a single user for a few report requests, once you begin multiplying these requests by 100's or 1000's of users with multiple daily requests, the impact can become significant.

To manage this, you can limit the number of report schedule requests your users submit through report schedule limits. With this functionality, you define the maximum number of scheduled jobs a user can have. This forces your users to prioritize and manage their scheduled requests -- only submitting schedule requests for reports they need, and deleting request for report jobs they no longer use.

This can be further explained by imagining that you have a security group, called Buffalo, and you have determined that this group can schedule a maximum of 10 reports. Bob, who is a member of this group, has 10 reports currently scheduled. If Bob tries to submit a new report schedule request, he will be forced to reduce his current submissions before adding a new report job.

You can find out more details in how to enable this performance enabler in the V75 Report Feature Guide referenced on this wiki page (

Additionally, you can find out more details on other report performance enablers on this wiki page (

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