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Best Practices for System Performance v1.4 white paper now available

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Best Practices for System Performance v1.4 white paper now available


Check out the files section of the Asset Management group and you'll find something new! The Best Practices for System Performance 7x white paper has been updated to version 1.4.
Starting with this version, you'll find the performance best practices white paper here in Service Management Connect (SMC) for easier access and to take advantage of all the features available when using SMC Files. However, never fear, the product wikis will continue to link to the white paper should you prefer to get it there. You'll also find links to the white paper in the Bookmarks section of the applicable groups, i.e., Process Automation, Cloud/Virtualization Management, and Data Center Automation, as well as Asset Management.

With this version of the white paper, we have included the following changes:
  • A note about using the best practices in virtualized environments
  • New, easier to read figures / graphics
  • A change to the recommended 32-bit JVM heap size to 1536m based on feedback
  • Clarified the instructions for configuring cron tasks
  • A note to ensure you include text search indexes when updating database statistics
  • A completely updated and re-written IBM DB2 Notes section with the latest settings recommendations
  • A new chapter containing recommended OS and networking settings
  • Clarification on recommended logger settings
  • Clarification on enabling verbose garbage collection and available tools that can be used to analyze the gc log
 We value your feedback on this document, so please use the comment feature for this blog entry and let us know what you like and dislike about the performance best practices white paper. What has helped you the most when using the document? Are there topics we should add or expand on? Please let us know how we can improve the white paper!

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