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Tips: Executing PM Wogen Crontask by Site

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Tips: Executing PM Wogen Crontask by Site


Have you ever imagewondered or felt like you have been backed into a corner and couldn't get out? Well maybe you have, but probably not when dealing with Maximo. Maximo is highly customizable and if you ever thought that you couldn't do something in Maximo, you were probably wrong. There is usually a way to accomplish most things you're looking to accomplish.  Either via custom code, or through front end customizations. Have you ever wondered how you could manipulate the PM Work Order Generation crontask to execute PM's for certain sites? As you already know, the PM Wogen crontask is not organization or site specific.  It executes for all sites that the "user" has access to.   When a PM Wogen crontask runs, it executes across all org/site combinations, which have automatic work order generation  for PM enabled and for which the where clause defined for the site returns records.  The following approach will give you an idea of how you can use user/group security to run PM Work Order generation by site.  You can have a say for  which site the PM Wogen crontask is going to execute and when it will execute.  Setup multiple PMWogen crontask instances to run on your given schedule.  Do you have large loads of PM's all over the world in various sites?  Break down the load on the system by separating the PM's by site.


Check out the detailed approach here!

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