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The Clash ( or How to Manage the Digitization of Records and Documents)

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The Clash ( or How to Manage the Digitization of Records and Documents)


No this is not blog about one of your old favorite punk rock bands.

It's about the growth pains and some success we have had in trying to store, execute and manage processes in Maximo when the data is only a reflection of  information normally created , viewed, and revised in an external system.

Maximo Nuclear has already moved comprehensively into the Operational Configuration Management of Locations and Assets with its Clearance (Advanced Lock-out  Tag-Out) and Lineups Applications. Where the clearance application can create and manage its own process data, Lineups like most nuclear processes, are one of  a vast number of highly detailed procedures to direct every aspect of  plant operations. Those procedures are created  in word processing applications and  controlled in an enterprise content management system like FileNet.image

 We have successfully set up Maximo to maintain Lineups (Nuc) in parallel with records management processes.  Great efficiencies and improvements in safety can be quickly realized. There are additional benefits to allow Maximo to execute this process and store this data. Full interconnection with the Clearance application multiples operator efficiency and reduces time, cost, and dose. Operational event data is centrally stored and available throughout Maximo. While we remain respectful of the role and responsibilities of Records Management practices and systems, we will continue to push this approach as far as possible in order to support comprehensive operational management.

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