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Adding non standard Work Order data to MS Project and Primavera

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Adding non standard Work Order data to MS Project and Primavera


Maximo have is own and internal Scheduler tool, but it is also able to integrate with external Project Management tools for data export and to perform regular planning and scheduling / resource leveling activities, through two addons that covers the most used tools in the marketplace: MS Project and Oracle Primavera.
Both IBM Maximo Adapter for Primavera and IBM Maximo Adapter for MS Project can exchange data with external project management tool more than just the essential workorder information needed by these tools to perform their activities, such as descriptions, durations, dates and required resource. You can export any work order field and have a consistent Project portfolio with Maximo data, including work order statuses, worktype, location and asset information and much more.
But be careful, more data being exchanged mean also an additional load to your servers and consequent performance impact, so try to keep it as simple as needed and exchange only the information that will be really used by these project management tool.

How to map additional Maximo WO fields to the external Project Management tool:
The example below shows  how to map the work order status field:

Maximo Adapter for MS Project:
In MaximoProject.ini file, look for the section called [wofieldmap]. There you can add the following entry:
... where X is the number of the custom mapping and Y is the number of the extra field from MS Project that is being used.
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Maximo Adapter for Primavera:
- Log in Maximo and go to Organizations (PV) application
- Select an organization record and, at the main screen, go to Actions menu and select Primavera Custom Map
- Enter:
... Maximo Object: WORKORDER
... Maximo Attribute: STATUS
... Primavera Object: Activity or Activity Codes
... Primavera Field: The field name that will appear in Primavera.
- When completed, click OK and go to Sites tab and assign the mapping to the sites you want to export the created mapping
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The information below is based on 7.5 versions of both adapters. 

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