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"File-based" error management in IBM Tivoli Maximo

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"File-based" error management in IBM Tivoli Maximo


Functional improvements in Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Data Import functionality enable the selection of two different ways to address error correction: GUI-based  and File-based.

The data import functionality provided through the External System application gives the option of identifying the error management mechanism of your preference.
"File-based" error management is supported by Maximo's Message Reprocessing application thru an enhanced GUI  where re-processable files (files including all errors identified from their corresponding import file), are available for download to your client workstation.

Once you have a re-processable file available in your client machine’s file system you will be able to effectively fix recurrent processing errors, (for example errors in multiple records caused by the same invalid Site identifier reference), by using the find/replace option of the text editor of your choice and then re-import the updated file it into Maximo.
A detailed description of File-based error management  can be found here.

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