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BiLog: Yoo Hoo...Multiple Object enablement in Report Object Structures

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BiLog: Yoo Hoo...Multiple Object enablement in Report Object Structures


 image Yoo Hoo.  Yes...Not Yahoo...Yoo Hoo.  I was introduced to this chocolate milk type drink last week when I hosted over 40 girls from my daughter's high school swim team for a pasta dinner.  After a long day of school and practice, the girls descend onto a parent's house to refuel themselves with pasta and Yoo Hoo's before heading off to their next activity of another swim practice, work or homework. 
I quickly lost count of how many cartons of Yoo Hoo's were consumed at our house....but couldn't get that marvelous, celebratory word out of my head.

And when I think about all the amazing functionality items we have to celebrate with reporting in the 7.5 release one item that immediately comes to mind is Multi Object enablement in Report Object Structures (ROS.)

As we reviewed in earlier BiLog entries, ROS are the building blocks of the QBR or Ad Hoc Reporting capability in Version 7.  They are the building blocks as they contain hierarchical collections of database objects joined together via maxrelationships. 
Starting in Version 7.5, you can add the same object multiple times in a single Report Object Structure.  This enhanced functionality is highlighted to the left with a Work Order ROS.  Notice that the Labor Object is repeated under both the Planned Labor and Actual Labor Objects. 

Enabling multiple object use within a single ROS greatly extends the type and complexity of ROS you can create for your unique business environment.

 You can find more details on this feature on page 84 of the Version 7.5 QBR Ad Hoc Reporting Guide, along with other details on creating ROS for your individual environment.  To access this document,  access this QBR report wiki page, or the overall Report User Reference Materials Page
Also,  please note that you may want to bookmark this page which lists the report enhancements by release.    In addition to this new 7.5 feature, it also lists other features like QBR Editing, Rich Text Formatting and Email to a URL.   Yoo Hoo!  image


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