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When is the opportune time to perform maintenance?

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When is the opportune time to perform maintenance?


In some cases, when the asset is already out of service or down for repairs.

When the asset is already down, you may have the opportunity to perform due maintenance, soon to be due maintenance or deferred work.

Operational inefficiencies often occur when an asset just recently returned to service, must be taken back out of service for more maintenance.

Maximo for Transportation’s Maintenance Alert feature helps to identify these opportunities to perform as much work as possible while you have the asset down.

This feature can be configured to automatically display outstanding work during the work order process.  For example, when a work order is initiated, a pop up window will display listing deferred work orders, due PMs and all other PMs and their due dates.  Or you can view this pop up at any time by manually selecting the Maintenance Alert check box.

From this pop up window, you can select as many items as needed and add them to the current work package as child work orders.  Any selected work orders will be added to the current work package.  Any PMs selected will generate a work order that will be added to the current work package.

This simple to use feature will give you the information you need to make the best decision possible on when to perform maintenance.

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