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Maximo support for Federal government security & accessibility standards

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Maximo support for Federal government security & accessibility standards


You may have many questions surrounding Maximo support for USGCB, FDCC, FIPS support, NIST SP800-131a and Section 508 accessibility. The following article provides you further details regarding Maximo support for these standards.

USGCB is the US Government Configuration Baseline for additional security settings on computers running Windows 7 & Windows 2008. Further details regarding this standard are available at  Please note that Maximo 7.5 (and subsequent fix packs) and Maximo (and subsequent fix packs) are certified for USGCB. All new product releases are also certified for USGCB. We validate that the Maximo installer as well as Maximo functions work as expected using the Internet Explorer browser in the USGCB environment. Please note that for a successful product install the firewall should be disabled on the USGCB system for the duration of the install.
The older FDCC standard has been re-branded by NIST to the USGCB standard. FDCC refers to the Federal Desktop Core Configuration standard that was recommended by the NIST for general purpose government computers running Windows XP & Vista.  Maximo 7.1.1.x supports the FDCC standard.

FIPS - refers to the Federal Information Processing standard that is mandated for use in federal computer systems. Maximo supports the FIPS standard. Please note that Maximo is a J2EE application that depends on middle ware to run. The middle ware  that we package with Maximo supports FIPS. Please follow instructions from your middle ware vendors to establish & enable a FIPS environment. For your convenience the list of all vendors with a validated FIPS compliant cryptographic module is at WebSphere 7 instructions to configure FIPS is at

Section 508 refers to federal law mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.  Maximo Asset Management 7.5 (and subsequent fix packs) are Section 508 compliant. Please note however that some add-ons or industry solutions that depend on Maximo Asset Management 7.5 may not be fully 508 accessibility compliant. The IBM Human Accessibility center at provides more information.

The NIST SP800-131a standard is expected to come into effect towards the end of 2013. This standard requires a stronger cryptographic algorithm for encryption. Maximo uses the IBM JDK which is compliant with the new standard. However, to use an algorithm that support this encryption standard, the encryption properties in Maximo need to be modified. For more information on the standard visit For information on how to modify the Maximo encryption properties to a compliant value visit

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