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Maximo Email Can Now Send Partial Messages

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Maximo Email Can Now Send Partial Messages


In Maximo we provide the capability to send Role based emails. A role is defined in the Roles application and is typically attached to a communication template while sending an email. Behind the scenes Maximo resolves the email addresses of the members in a role and sets the "TO:" field with a list of email addresses. However there is always a chance that one or more of these addresses on the list could be invalid due to a variety of reasons. When there are one or more invalid email addresses on the "TO:" list there is always a danger that the rest of the valid recipients will not receive the email.
The SMTP protocol provider for the JavaMail API has a number of properties that can be configured at the JVM level (Application Server) including the mail.smtp.sendpartial property.  If this property is set to true and the email has some invalid addresses the message will still be sent to the partial group. Valid recipients will receive the email and the partial failure will be caught and handled. The default value for this property is false. 
In TPAE 7.5 and higher we are exposing this property as a Maximo System property thus giving the Maximo administrator the flexibility to control this behavior at the application level. Maximo administrators can now make the decision whether to allow partial recipients to receive email messages. If the email log level is set to DEBUG the invalid email addresses will be printed in the Maximo log along with the error message.
Like all Maximo system properties the mail.smtp.sendpartial property can be accessed via the System Properties application. The image below shows how the property can be set.

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