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Creating and activating an Organization in Maximo Asset Management

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Creating and activating an Organization in Maximo Asset Management


Sometimes, there is an specific need to deploy Maximo without those default demonstration data that comes within the installation.

Following this idea, I wanted to share this simple post about creating and activating a brand new Organization into Maximo Asset Management. One of the first steps when setting up a clean Maximo environment is to create the financial information and it is still a little bit tricky for some people without experience in Maximo.

In order to create your financial information and Organization, follow the steps below:  

1. Click in the Go To menu and then hover over the System Configuration module
2. Hover over the Platform Configuration module and click on Database Configuration application
3. Click on Select Action menu and choose GL Account Configuration option
4. Click on New Row button and create as many components as you want
5. Click button OK 
6. Click in the Go To menu 
7. Click on the Administration >  Organizations application
8. Click in New Organization button
9. Enter:
-Base Currency 1 (2 is optional) 
-Item Set 
-Company Set 
10. Save the record 
11. Click in the Go To menu and then hover over the Financial module and click on Chart of Accounts application 
12. Highlight the Organization created previously  
13. Click in the Select Action menu and choose the GL Component Maintenance option
14. Highlight the component you want to create a GL Component Value and click on New Row button
15. After creating all the GL Component Values, click OK button 
16.  Highlight the Organization created previously
17. Click on New Row button in GL Accounts for <organization> table
18. Input the sequence number you've created under step 15 above into GL Account field
19. Click on Save button
20. Go back to the Organizations application and input the sequence number you've created under step 15 above into Clearing Account field
21. Mark Active? checkbox and Save 
22. Click on Sites tab and click New Row button
23.Input the desired data and mark Active? checkbox
24. Click on Save button
After setting up the Organization, you can create other required data like Assets, Tools, Work Orders etc.
Depending on the purpose of your activity, you can eventually automate the generation of new GL Accounts using a record playback tool such as Rational Funcional Tester or Selenium.
NOTE: If the applications mentioned are not displayed, then:
1. Click on Go To menu, hover over the Security module and click on Security Groups application
2. Find the desired security group  
3. Click on Applications tab and click on Filter link under Applications table
4. In the filter's field, input "actions, database configuration, organizations, chart of accounts, currency codes, sets" and all the applications needed for this setup will be displayed
5. Click on Grant Listed Applications and choose the All above option
6. Highlight each of them, and click on Grant Listed option for This Application
7. Click on Save button 
Alex Oliveira Estevam 
Pedro Solfa Spadacini 

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