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How to prevent the asset/location from automatically populating in Work Order and Ticket based applications when entering one or the other

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How to prevent the asset/location from automatically populating in Work Order and Ticket based applications when entering one or the other


Maximo has a feature where the system automatically populates the asset when a user enters a location or populates the location when a user enters an asset in the ticket or work order based applications. This is a feature most clients wanted, but there are some clients, who don’t want to use this feature. Instead they want to disable this feature, but currently Maximo does not have a built in switch to disable that.

The following is a work around solution which can disable this feature by using Maximo’s Cross Over Domains.

First we need to make sure the source table LOCATIONS or ASSET object has a NULL value attribute which can be used to cross over to the asset or location attribute in the target WORKORDER or TICKET object. Then we’ll add the crossover field to the existing crossover on location or asset attribute. You can find the domain name in the Database Configuration app by bringing up the target object WORKORDER or TICKET. In the attribute tab, then select the location or asset attribute, where you will see the domain name in the domain field. The following shows the step by step instructions for a user who enters a location, but wants to disable the automatic population of the asset field in the work order based applications. If you wish to disable the location from auto populating when entering the asset field or ticket object, you will need to change the source object, target object and attribute name in Step-1, Step-3 and Step-4.

Step-1: Go To -->System Configuration -->Platform Configuration-->Database Configuration.
             Filter the source Location object and add a new attribute “NULLASSET” as ALN and length as 1 and save the change.

Step-2: Turn Admin mode on and apply the configuration changes.

Step-3: Go To--> System Configuration-->Platform Configuration-->Database Configuration.
            Filter the target WORKORDER object and in the attributes tab, filter the crossover trigger attribute “ LOCATION”, write down the    domain name LOCATIONCROSSCI.

Step-4: Go To -->System Configuration -->Platform Configuration--> Domains.
            Filter the “LOCATIONCROSSCI” domain.
            1. Click the dialog icon to bring up the Crossover fields dialog.
            2. In the crossover fields table window, click new row button to add a new row.
            3. Select Source as “NULLASSET”, target as “ASSETNUM” & make sure "Accept null value" is checked and Save it.

Step-5: Turn Admin mode off.

Run the following test to see if it’s working as expected:
            1. Go to the Work order tracking application.
            2. In the location field, enter a location containing an asset.
            3. Notice, the asset field should not get populated.

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