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BiLog: 7503 Team Win....Updates to Maximo Reporting!

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BiLog: 7503 Team Win....Updates to Maximo Reporting!


Spurred by the quest to enable our client’s additional functionality and coached by Agile processes, the 7503 development team introduced the Maximo 7503 release on July 20, 2012!    This enabled a repeat team performance highlighted last year with the Maximo 7.5 release.

One of the largest components on the 7503 release, were major updates to Maximo Reporting.    The embedded reporting tool, BIRT, was upgraded from Version 2.3.2 to 3.7.1, and a new Direct Integration Option to Cognos 10.1.1 was enabled.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll detail the features and functionality of these upgrades.  In the meanwhile, the report documentation 7503 release has been updated for you, including the guides below:  

V75 Report Planning Guide:  Details all the report and data analysis options available to you in the Version 7.5x releases, including the BIRT 371 and Cognos 10.1 upgrades.

V75 Report Feature Guide: Specifies how the embedded report engine is utilized, including detailed reviews of the Installation, Security, Scheduling, Administration, and database and property settings.   For 7503, this guide was updated with additional information on property settings and email configuration options.  

V75 Report Toolbar Access Direct Print Guide:  Describes functionality that can be configured with BIRT Reports to enable their quick display, including Browser View, Direct Print and Direct Print with Attachments.   For 7503, this guide has been updated with additional details on 2 property settings:  mxe.doclink.securedAttachment and mxe.directprint.printtime.wait and a new property setting:

Version 7.5.x Designer 371 Report Development Guide:  This is a new report development guide for BIRT 371 starting with Maximo Version 7503.   It is intended for the Report Developer, and contains detailed information and examples on installing and developing reports within Design Tool, database access, parameters, common development techniques like hyperlinks and date formats and various debug features.

Update Report Utilities:  This is also a new guide for Version 7503, and details the page break and auto layout update utility features beginning with this release.
Version 7.5 Maximo Cognos 10.1.1. Installation Guide: Contains the detailed installation steps for the Direct Maximo with Cognos 10.1.1. integration

Version 7.5 Maximo Cognos Integration Guide:  Describes how the report integration works between Maximo and Cognos reporting, including the publishing of report object structures as Cognos packages, security group synchronization and report file creation.   This guide has been updated for the support of Cognos 10.1.1 beginning with the 7503 release.
For a listing of all Maximo Report Documentation, click here.    Also, please be sure to join the Maximo Reporting group on Service Management Connect to network with other Maximo reporting users.  Thank you, and looking forward to detailing these new features for you!

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