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Bilog: 84 Million Acres… And Exploring V7 BI and Reporting 2012

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Bilog: 84 Million Acres… And Exploring V7 BI and Reporting 2012


Starting a New Year, inevitably people ask about New Year Resolutions.  Wanting to pursue something different than the standard lose weight/eat healthier, this year my goal is to visit more of our national parks to further experience this amazing country.  With over 400 parks, 84 million acres of land and 43,000 miles of shoreline, the US National Park System is truly the ‘crown jewels’ of this county.  
 Likewise, you may be reviewing V7 work goals or plans for 2012.   While we don’t have near the number of parks, we do have a number of data analysis and report options available for you.   These options enable you to analyze your V7 data in a variety of ways to deliver the best experience and information to your users.
 Detailing these options for you are the V7 and V7. 5 Upgrade Planning Guides accessible here.  

  Whether you are upgrading to V7 or are a new user in V7, the guides detail all the data analysis options available including QBE (or Data Download), Result Sets, Application Exporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Additionally, the three types of reporting - Operational, Ad Hoc or Query Based Reporting (QBR) and Strategic - are detailed to highlight features that may be most important to you.  These reporting options include BIRT, Cognos Reporting, along with the External Reporting Integration and the Open Database Platform. 
While each of these reporting tools contains its own inherent functionality, they are then supplemented when utilized within the V7 Product Suite to insure a seamless integration.  The amount of functionality added by V7 varies by reporting tool. For example, minimal functionality is added for the Open Database Platform where you create reports directly against the V7 database. This contrasts significantly with the embedded reporting tool of BIRT, which contains a silent install, hundreds of out of the box reports, and deep embedded capability like direct printing and ad hoc reporting.
 Wishing you a great 2012...and hoping you take time to explore the data analysis and report options available in V7 and V75… 

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